Tell us about yourself: Jamie Holland

‘Tell me about yourself’ is a Q&A series where new starters of the MRM team talk about their backgrounds, work and passions. This should hopefully be insightful for those interested in the sales industry career path. What made you want to join MRM Global? Current scale and growth ambition of the company, paired with the value proposition.Continue reading “Tell us about yourself: Jamie Holland”

MRM Targeting Business Growth as Carlsberg UK Rolls Out App

A high-profile deal with Carlsberg UK marks the latest success for on-trade tech company MRM, as the increasingly competitive market drives demand for its innovative marketing support software. The start of 2018 saw Carlsberg UK roll out MRM’s POS Creator Software to its sales team. Using MRM’s Brand Creator App, sales managers can use theirContinue reading “MRM Targeting Business Growth as Carlsberg UK Rolls Out App”