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Create printed and digital marketing material for your customers with our range of services.

Our technology enables global drinks brands to serve more customers with effective marketing


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Our mission is to make it easier and faster for sales teams to support their customers with customised,
on-demand and brand-compliant marketing.

Brand Creator

Marketing That Drives Sales

The world’s largest drinks brands use our Brand Creator app to enable their sales team and customers to create professional-quality menus and POS in a matter of minutes. Eliminating the need for graphic designers, Brand Creator saves significant time, money and resources.

Printed menus created with Brand Creator

Reduce Waste From Mass-printed Marketing

Creating customised. localised marketing with on-demand print, means less waste from mass-printed generic marketing. We help global brands reduce waste and their carbon footprint whilst driving sales, with relevant content that customers love!

How We Can Help You

Increase Sales

Using the correct menu and point of sale item has been proven to increase sales by over 30%.

Increase Productivity

Spend more time selling and less time creating menus with the ability to create menus in 8 mins or less.

Reduce Costs

Compared to design agencies and other apps you could save up to, or more than 50%.

Track Market Data

Use product, price, segmentation or other data to the track performance of your market or outlet.

Never Miss Out

We offer a 2-5 day turnaround across most countries.*

Create More For Less

We offer a competitive price across all of our products and services with the ability to scale to your needs.

Our mission is to help drinks brands to increase sales and reduce wastage.

What You Can Create

MRM Global is a marketing technology company providing industry-leading software that helps global drinks brands drive visibility at the point of purchase. Our innovative Brand Creator app designed to make it easier and faster for sales teams to support more of their customers with customised marketing that is proven to increase sales.​

A digital menu created with MRM Brand Creator, displayed on a mobile device.
Digital Content

From the creation of social media assets to promote brand activations or mobile optimised menus that can be viewed by scanning a QR code, Brand Creator has the whole customer journey covered.

A printed menu created with MRM Brand Creator
Printed Menus and POS

Inspire customers with stand out menus and point of sale. Using high quality templates designed by our expert menu design team, Brand Creator can help your sales reps increase the level of marketing support they offer to your customers- improving customer relationships and increasing sales.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
“Responsive & knowledgable”

“Their service provides useful insight which has helped shape the tools.”

Paul Machin-Davis | Trade marketing Manager Molson Coors

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