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Create printed and digital marketing material for your customers with our range of services.

Welcome to the future of Marketing Technology.

Our Brand Creator app delivers high-quality, customisable and on-trend, printed marketing materials for a variety of uses across the hospitality and drinks industry.

Say goodbye to lengthy turnarounds, costly agency fees and mountains of surplus print stock – our product revolutionizes trade marketing by offering on-demand digital and print marketing materials which can be tailor-made to your brand specifications and ordered at the click of a button.  

Backed by a global supply-chain of vetted cloud printers worldwide, we offer an industry leading print service, delivering directly to your customer’s door in as little as 2-5 days. By printing and distributing locally within your chosen markets, wherever they might be, we’re able to drastically reduce your carbon footprint without any sacrifice to quality or service.

Our technology enables global brands to serve more customers with effective marketing


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We work with some of the biggest brands in the beverage industry to deliver on-demand point of sale marketing to their sales reps, worldwide.

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Brand Creator

Marketing that drives sales

The world’s largest drinks brands use our Brand Creator app to enable their sales team and customers to create professional-quality menus and POS in a matter of minutes. Eliminating the need for graphic designers, Brand Creator saves significant time, money and resources.

Reduce waste from mass-printed marketing

Creating customised, localised marketing with on-demand print, means less waste from mass-printed generic marketing. We help global brands reduce waste and their carbon footprint whilst driving sales, with relevant content that customers love!

How we can help you

Satisfied Customers 

Improve customer relationships and increase sales with proven marketing that’s effective, customised to your customer’s needs and goals and delivered in ample time to drive sales


Sustainably focused

Our on-demand software model helps to skyrocket sales and reduce wastage by only customising and printing what you want, when you want. The saliency of this model means you’ll no longer need to rifle through piles of outdated, unwanted or unused stock.

Budget Friendly

Our transparent pricing structure and easy-to-use, accessible product eliminate the need for the back-and-forth communication common with traditional print agencies or costly in-house designers. After all, who couldn’t do with a little more time and money?

Cloud printing

The highly automated nature of our global supply chain means we can print as locally as possible to our end user; reducing cost, time and road miles in the process. 

Faster asset creation

Spend more time on the stuff that counts, by creating impactful POS in 5 minutes or less.

Your new on-the-go Marketing solution 

Brand Creator is a cloud based SAAS solution with offline capabilities, giving you on-the-go access to customisable marketing materials, so you can service multiple customers in just one field visit. 

Tap and go

Our Express section allows you to use pre-designed menus or POS items which have been created by yourself or other members of your team. All you need to do is select an express item, enter customer information, submit, and you’re good to go! 

Express Menus + Repeat

Struck gold with that last campaign? Reuse previous orders in a matter of seconds – no need to start from scratch each time

What you can create

A digital menu created with MRM Brand Creator, displayed on a mobile device.
Digital content

From the creation of social media assets to promote brand activations or mobile optimised menus that can be viewed by scanning a QR code, Brand Creator has the whole customer journey covered.

A printed menu created with MRM Brand Creator
Printed menus and POS

Inspire customers with stand out menus and point of sale. Using high quality templates designed by our expert menu design team, Brand Creator can help your sales reps increase the level of marketing support they offer to your customers- improving customer relationships and increasing sales.

Proven results

FY21 Brand Creator menu campaign achieved an impressive ROI of €3.77 for every €1 spent

+42% growth in sales of the drinks brand in global outlets serviced with a Brand Creator menu

Outlets not serviced with a Brand Creator menu  saw a 1% decline in sales

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