Why customising your point-of-sale marketing for local markets is a recipe for success

Why customising your point-of-sale marketing for local markets is a recipe for success

This month we’re taking you through why customised point-of-sale (POS) marketing is the key to success in local markets. 

In our industry, alcohol laws differ between countries and states. These distinctions extend beyond legalities with audience tastes, climate, culture, communication preferences, and much more coming into play for the effectiveness of POS marketing. 

It’s crucial for global brands to be aware of differences in local markets and to appropriately tailor their approach to POS marketing when promoting brand activations and campaigns.  

Out with the old (generic), in with the new (customised, localised) 

Not only is generic POS marketing produced in bulk and therefore generating mass waste, but it’s rarely effective (should the materials even escape their landfill fate and make it into outlets!). What’s trending in one market might not be trending in another market due to the disparate preferences and interests across different audiences.  

Why is localised marketing effective in local markets? 

It enables accounts to maximise brand exposure, reach a wider audience, and grow global sales- just to name a few benefits of a more tailored approach!  

Customisation can start a cycle of success for your POS marketing campaign: 

Increase customer engagement 

It’s human nature! You’re more likely to engage with messages that have been adapted to your preferences and interests. 

Drive sales 

If your customers are more engaged, it’s likely that the message will get through to them and influence their purchase intention. Increased engagement can spark an interest in your customer to find out more, which can lead to desire, and desire leads to action (sales!). 

Be a truly global brand and build relationships in local markets  

If you can show customers in local markets that you care about their preferences, and make the effort to tailor your marketing, you can build stronger relationships in these markets. This can result in customer loyalty, more sales – a cycle of success! 

If only global brands had an on-the-go technology solution enabling sales teams in local markets to tailor their marketing?  

Our Brand Creator app allows reps to localise menu campaigns and reinforces this argument with the below case study on ROI.  

So, what’s the secret to global and local market success? Find out more from our team: https://mrmglobal.com/contact-sales/. 

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