What it means to be a Woman in Engineering

What it means to be a Woman in Engineering

This week’s blog post is dedicated to Women in Engineering Day.

We want to shine a spotlight on our one of our very own female Engineers at MRM Global. That being said, we also want to bring attention to the obstacles women are still facing in 2023 in the engineering technology industry. 

It’s no secret that women and girls are under-represented when it comes to technology.

This not only limits their digital empowerment but also hinders the transformative potential of technology as a whole. 

Shockingly, over the past decade, women’s exclusion from the digital sphere has caused a staggering $1 trillion loss in the GDP of low- and middle-income countries, as reported by United Nations this year. 

Despite progress in recent years, women still represent less than one third of tech sector employees globally. 

At MRM Global, we’re committed to creating a workplace where women in engineering can be successful: 

– We pay fairly, reducing our gender pay gap from 8.8% to 0.6%. 

– We promote flexibility, with a focus on output not hours.

– We have a supportive culture, where wellbeing and personal growth is prioritised. 

MRM Global Software Engineer in Test, Dipanyuta Behera.
We asked one of our Software Engineers in Test, Dipanyuta Behera, some questions on her Engineering career to date. 

Q. What drew you to a career in technology/engineering?   

“I grew up in a family where women were supposed to only look after family. But my mother had [a] different vision for my future and in short, that’s how I landed a career in this industry.

Q. What do you hope the future looks like for women in tech/engineering? 

“Life of women, especially mothers in this industry, is definitely not easy. But when you’re part of such an amazing company where we have the flexibility and supportive, nonjudgmental people around, it makes life much easier. So, in future I hope every company should have a supportive work environment for women in technology.”

At MRM Global, we’re proud of our female Engineers who are breaking barriers and paving the way for a more inclusive industry. 

As a tech company, it’s our responsibility to help close the gender gap and contribute towards a more inclusive and diverse tech industry. 

We’re hopeful about the future for Women in Engineering and Technology. 

Find out more about how we equip our team from our Careers page.

To find out more about Women in Engineering and Technology, click the link to the following resources:  https://www.unwomen.org/en, https://www.unwomen.org/en 

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