The Collab You Didn’t Know You Needed

The Collab You Didn’t Know You Needed

The Future of Print-on-Demand in POS Marketing is Here and Now

We’re one month into the new year and are starting how we mean to go on – we’re bringing back monthly blogs! 

As January comes to an end, we’re refocusing on our purpose and reminding ourselves why it is we’re doing what we do. 

The mass print production dilemma in POS marketing 

The mass print production model in marketing is outdated and unsustainable. It results in generic POS materials being printed in the tens of thousands and shipped globally, taking weeks to arrive at their final destination. This leads to increased carbon emissions, missed activations, and in turn, mass POS waste. This is only the tip of the melting iceberg concerning problems produced by the mass print model.  

Currently, more than 30% of POS marketing materials are destroyed, but that’s not the worst part – only a fraction of these wasted POS materials are disposed of sustainably, meaning a staggering percentage are printed only to be stored in huge warehouses or end up in a landfill.  

What does Print-on-Demand mean? 

Print-on-demand (PoD) does exactly what it says on the tin – print what you need when you need it. It really is that simple! 

Benefits of PoD in POS 

Besides its simplicity and the rationale to only print what you need when you need it, the PoD model poses one huge sustainable benefit – by only printing what you need waste is instantly eliminated from the mix as you need everything you print.  

This sparks a sustainable chain reaction: 

1. You order what you need.

2. No waste as you order what you need.

3. No waste means the need for warehouse storage is removed altogether, freeing up land for green space and reducing the resources needed to heat or air condition these huge facilities.

4. No waste means nothing ends up in a landfill to be unsustainably destroyed.

We don’t stop here though; we take the PoD model even further. 

PoD and beyond: Our sustainable POS marketing solution 

Our on-demand software, Brand Creator, enables us to offer our global clients an end-to -end solution, meaning we’re able to make a positive impact from creation to delivery, and beyond. 

We enable our customers to print exactly what they need, exactly when they need them eliminating the multitude of POS waste created from the mass print model.  

We print locally through our global supply chain, reducing road miles, emissions, and our carbon footprint, but that’s not all – we’re able to significantly reduce lengthy turnaround times seen in the mass print model, reducing the risk of missed activations and in turn, out of date POS materials.  

All printed paper products are made of FSC-certified materials and contain at least 60% post-consumer waste.  Last year we introduced a 100% recyclable lamination paper type, and we won’t stop here. We’re on a mission to enable our global clients to drive sales while simultaneously reducing and eliminating waste, so we’re always looking at how we can make our offerings even more sustainable than they already are.  

The mass print waste doesn’t start and end in the POS marketing industry, it’s a problem across all global industries with devastating implications for the future of our planet that requires action. 

If you’re ready to make the change to on-demand POS marketing, reach out to our New Business team today:

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