At MRM Global, we strive to make everything we do sustainable.

Read about our progress, products that we offer & discover the ways we help the planet.

Recyclable Paper

At MRM Global we ensure that the material we source and use is sustainable and from a responsible supplier. That’s why we use FSC Mix Certified paper as our standard stock of paper. FSC Mix Certified means the paper is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. The paper is also made from 60% recycled post-consumer waste. It also guarantees that the product comes from a producer who has bought material from forests certified to the highest standards, and whose production, therefore, supports responsible forest management.

Paperless Office

Here at MRM Global we operate a paperless office system within all of our teams. What this means is that we are committed to vastly reducing and even eliminating the use of paper in our work environment. We have also been able to digitise a number of our external tasks we perform with partnering companies and brands. Going paperless might sound in theory like an easy task to accomplish however replacing old systems dependant on paper required some serious development and design resource. However, we are proud to claim that we are paperless and are constantly looking at how we can develop this further. 

Quality Over Quantity

Its often the case that when materials are created for brand-wide marketing campaigns, there is a vast excess of these marketing materials, stored away in a lock-up somewhere never to see the light of day. This is the result of assuming all materials created are fit for purpose and desirable for each campaign launch. At MRM Global we believe that successful campaigns are driven by bespoke content and that sustainability should be part of the success of that campaign. We offer our clients the ability to only order what they need and define country and region-specific marketing material. Ensuring that the campaigns are successful and sustainable. 

Interested In Finding Out More?

We are always working on new ways to become more environmentally friendly as a company. Perhaps you have an idea of your own that would help us become even more eco friendly? If you do or if you are interested in finding out more about the projects we have in development or about the processes and materials we use get in touch with us!