Design Trend Forecast for 2021

Design Trend Forecast for 2021

Written by Lizzie, Graphic Designer at MRM Global

As 2021 presents itself as a new and improved version of 2020 – which let’s be honest, was a colossal jolt to the collective system – we’re having a look at some of the upcoming design trends for 2021, and how we can apply them to our practices here at MRM Global.

The first major one for me, at least, is sustainability. As we not only face a global pandemic but a global climate crisis too, sustainability is slowly becoming more and more important to businesses, as individuals around the world vow to reduce their waste and carbon footprint. What does this look like in design, and in particular MRM Global?

Well, for starters let’s look at print options. Recycled and recyclable materials are a good start – we offer a 100% recyclable single-use paper stock. Often paper with certain lamination types cannot be recycled, as recycling centres can’t process the mixture of plastic and paper. As a bonus, the single-use recyclable paper stock goes hand in hand with the ongoing COVID situation – offering a single-use alternative that doesn’t cost the planet.

Another more planet-friendly option is to go digital. Digital menus have gained massive popularity over the course of the pandemic. With the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme driving footfall in bars and restaurants across the UK last summer, most menus were either single-use or digital. Digital menus allow bars and restaurants to keep up-to-date content in an easily editable format and without the need to print several different versions on paper that cannot be recycled.

Here at MRM Global, once we had launched our QR code functionality, we found that most of our orders mid-end of last year were digital menus with a QR code decal. This allowed people to enter a bar or restaurant, use their phone to scan the QR code, then view the menu – all without touching multiple different surfaces.

To summarise, hygiene and sustainability for us go hand in hand. We can simultaneously begin to combat the risks of the pandemic and become more sustainable.

Digital cocktail menu design

The second design trend worth noting is retro design. Typography arguably plays the biggest role in this trend; we are seeing serifs and decorative fonts making a huge comeback in branding and marketing.

For me as a designer, I’m influenced a lot by the Art Deco movement and the whole culture around glamour and early 1900s parties. A lot of these visual elements inspired by buildings, furniture, décor, and jewellery can be seen in many design visuals today. I find that the grand, decorative styles are well suited to venues that want a more premium feel to their menus and POS items.

Art Deco inspired insert

The third and final design trend I’ll cover is optimism. It sounds strange at first – how can optimism be a design trend? I guess that after 2020, all people want is a light at the end of the tunnel, and something to take the edge off until then. Bright, bold, playful designs are making a comeback. Colour theory can be applied here to create designs that emulate fun and lift people’s spirits.

In UX design we are seeing more interactive, bright interfaces, and a huge rise in animation – particularly across social media. For us as a design team, as we look forward to spring and summer, we are focusing on lighter and more uplifting visuals.

Bold template design

There are many trends to look forward to this year, by celebrating the past and the future, and simply getting through the now. As a team at MRM Global, we are keen to jump on the trend bandwagon, creating beautiful, optimistic, premium content that wows people. We want to be as sustainable as possible, to take care of our planet, so we can continue to be inspired by and connect to nature. Here’s hoping 2021 is full of creative, exceptional design.

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