About Us

We Are MRM Global

Drive Sales. Reduce Waste.

MRM Global is an industry leading, innovative MarTech company helping global drinks brands increase sales and reduce waste through our flagship product ‘Brand Creator’. 

We work with the world’s most respected brand owners to transform their marketing capabilities. We use technology and our expertise to create marketing solutions and materials for both print and digital usage, allowing brands to be innovative, responsive and adaptable in an ever-changing marketplace. 

Brand Creator is used by thousands of sales reps from global brands in 50 markets across the world.  

Why we’re here

Up to 50% of physical marketing materials go to waste, our on-demand Brand Creator model ensures that you only print what you need, when you need, whilst our vast array of on-trend, customisable and compliant content allows you to proactively drive sales for your business.  

This zero-waste approach to POS marketing as well as our work with printers worldwide allows us to operate sustainably whilst not compromising on our outputs. Supporting the planet, whilst continue to drive sales for your business. 

How we got started

MRM was founded at the turn of the millennium with a vision to combine the two new technologies of the day; the internet and digital printing, in order to create a digital printing platform for a range of enterprise businesses.  

Following the success of a new product called ‘Wine List Creator’ to service our sales reps at a major UK Wine wholesaler, we adapted the technology to service the spirits industry as well, and in doing so were able to roll out internationally with 3 of the world’s largest global drinks brands.  

Fast forward to 2012, our newly appointed CEO Craig Letton spotted a pivotal opportunity to focus solely on the drinks market. After successfully completing a management buy-out, he decided to develop a scalable software platform that would enable the sales teams of global beverage brands to create customisable, on-demand marketing materials. 

MRM Global today

21 brands, 50 markets and 1 global supply chain of printers later, MRM Global continue to grow from strength to strength. Whilst the heart of our organization is in the company’s homeland of Scotland, our team is global and dedicated to providing our customers with the kind of inimitable service we’d expect ourselves. 

Where we’re going 

We’re on a mission to increase sales and reduce waste. Backed by a £2.6m growth capital investment and a follow on investment of £2m from BGF, our unwavering goal is to become an industry leading £25m MarTech company, by revolutionising the future of trade marketing. As we eagerly aim to scale our three ‘big P’s’ (People, Product + Processes), we remain humble, resilient, authentic and team orientated at every turn.

Our values

We’re a team

Being part of a growing global company isn’t for the feint hearted. It means blazing new trails, solving problems, overcoming hurdles and staying positive along the way. 

We beat the odds by working together. We have each other’s back, we build each other up and bring out the best in each other. That’s how we grow, as individuals, as a team and as a business. 

We’re resilient

Growing a company isn’t a smooth ride on a freshly surfaced road, without diversions enroute. It’s often tough and can be uncompromising at times. 

However, we’re highly resilient and a team of optimists. We believe nothing is impossible. We love a challenge and can handle the uncertainty of not having all the answers.  

We’re not afraid to tough it out and we’ve got the grit and determination to make things happen. 

We’re humble

There aren’t many businesses that do what we do. We’re proud of the innovation and creativity that’s taken us this far and we never get complacent. 

There’s no ‘how to’ guide for disrupting an industry. We’ll achieve our purpose by being curious, creative, and constantly learning from our mistakes along the way. 

We work hard and stay humble. We don’t take ourselves too seriously or let our egos get in the way of learning and finding the best possible solutions. 

Be Yourself

We want everyone to be their true selves at work.  Our team has a diverse range of experiences, backgrounds and skills. 

The combination of that diversity is what creates such a unique and high-performing team. 

Building genuine relationships lets us cut out the BS and get to the real issues faster to solve them together, leaving more room for the fun stuff. 

Commited To Sustainability

Find out how we as a company are striving to become sustainable.

Our Expertise

We Know Digital Design

Whether it’s the creation of social media assets to promote a brand activation or a mobile optimised menu that can be viewed by scanning a QR, MRM Global has you covered. Create branded content for digital platforms that looks both professional and beautiful.

We Know Print Design

Our printing heritage spanning over 20 years, gives us with unrivalled knowledge of the web-to-print process enabling us to become skilled print managers able to offer a worldwide service with a focus on fast turnaround and customer service.

We Know Technology

Our agile product development approach means our software is continually evolving and improving to help users work faster and more intuitively. Our proprietary technology is built in house by our Edinburgh based development team. This allows our customers to meet with the development team and ensure that new functionality is driven by a combination of our own market knowledge and listening to our customers’ key challenges.  

We Know Drinks

We have over 10 years drinks industry expertise working with a number of brand owners and distributors across several international markets. Our focus on the drinks industry ensures that our technology and print products meet the specific needs of our customers.

Get In Touch With Us

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